Friday, 29 February 2008

Carmen said

Hi TAAmommy and Mayg,

OK...there was that hiatus bcos I simply couldnt get organised enough to take the first step. I didn't want to get disappointed before I even started, there were too many x factors etc etc.

Now though, things are taking a faint shape. Firstly it started with R deciding that we should switch to having light dinners at night. For the whole of last year, he's been on various heartburn meds bcos of an unknown reason. where most nights after dinner he would have severe heartburn. We tried lots of different things - different pillows, eating earlier, reducing the amount of spice, different heartburn medicines - prescriptions and otherwise and different doctors, colonoscopies all of that. Each time he was given a clean bill of health (touch wood) and the doctors were puzzled with why he was having this problem.

So far though after switching to soups, grilled fish and steamed veggies, he seems to be doing great and better still, for me it also means healthier meals for the family at night and that's one thing that got fixed automatically for me, thanks to him. I used to be a dinner person. I can go the whole day without eating (which is what I normally did) but come night and I had to have a good substantial dinner and needless to say that's a bad pattern for anyone trying to lose wt. So that's why I'm relieved that this one was taken out of my hands and got fixed, even though it's taken a while to get used to.

Also I read on my fave weight loss blog that its better to just start somewhere instead of looking at the whole wide picture and getting deflated at thought of the enormity of the event. So I put on my sweater, jacket, gloves and hat on and thought I'd take a round around my block and come back. I ended up doing 2 miles! No, I wasnt puffing and panting or sweating buckets, my intention was just to get into the habit/form a habit. I kept going at an even pace and that was it.

When I reached a part where the neighbourhood looked unfamiliar, I turned back. Why is that such a big deal for me? Bcos I havent exercised in almost a year. Nothing, zilch. The very thought makes me go into depression remembering the failed attempts. Just that one line from Carmen though was enough to get me back on track again. I'm happy I did it.

I'm going to try and buy myself a pedometer this weekend. The least I can do is try and walk those 10,000 steps.

Lunch today - rice and chicken, a fruit (apple) and lots of water.

Dinner - Soup and fruits.

Snacks if (like yea!!) I get hungry - nuts maybe, yogurt with raisin bran cereal and fruits.

I dont know if I'm right, like I said, this is a learning phase for me. Let's see what works and what wont. None of what I did today was an impromptu lets do it! moment - I've been sitting on it for you know how long. After hoardes of books and blogs and God knows what else, I took the start by going for a walk in the cold, as in Iam going to at least take a walk everyday, come what may.


Ashini said...

I browsed over to you from TAAMommy. I'm a huge fan of the pedometer.. you become a bit obsessed with increasing your number of steps. I realized how little I walk at work, and now I'm pacing around my cubicle during conference calls.

As far as weight loss, it's really about portions. Eat what you want, just watch how much you're taking. And, make the right choices. (I joined Weight Watchers last year and learned a lot about choices and portions). Think about joining if you're serious.

Keep it up!

mummyjaan said...

2 little tips, Nat. Baby steps, if you can stand them....1. Limiting the amount of rice you eat, and 2. pledging to walk instead to checking the email :) - those 10 - 15 minutes add up!